I have never seen anything more touching and inspiring than those photos. never ever. I hardly can put my emotions into words~

P.S. searching for the genius author of those pictures~

P.P.S. so, the author is found (thanks to ) and it’s Seb Janiak

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Syd Mead (Conceptual illustrations), Blade Runner [And related earlier art), c. 1980.

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Hey guys!
here are some recent stuff I’ve been doing :D random sketches basically, had loads of fun doing these

ps; I reeeally like painting tiny people

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In the cloud forest, Hump Ridge track, Fiordland, New Zealand (by goneforawander)


Selected works by Suthipa Kamyam, a designer and illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand

artist find at 2headedsnake



Martin Tomsky’s Wood Cuts.

Martin Tomsky uses laser cutters to create three dimensional woodcuts that are very detailed and awesome:

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Nikita Gill (London) Ghosts in the Woods, 2014

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Inspiration for all!

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