"an objective observer, from mars lets say, looking at the human species would conclude that they’re an evolutionary error, that they are designed in such a way that leads them to destroy themselves and probably much else with them." — noam chomsky

though you may find that slightly macabre, we do seem to prefer our own extinction to the loss of our jobs. happy earth day, everyone.


Wren Day

gouache & watercolor on paper

(I couldn’t decide which colors I liked best — the blue is a photoshopped alternate version, and the gold is closer to the original painting.)

My piece for the Animystics show at Light Grey Art Lab, opening this Friday! The show is all about the spiritual and mystical ideas associated with different animals, and I chose to illustrate the Wren because of its place in druid lore and celtic mythology.

In one tale, the wren won the title of King of Birds when he hid unnoticed under the feathers of an eagle in a race, and flew ahead at the last second. Ancient druid rituals involved sacrificing a wren at midwinter, and the tradition was carried on into Christian times, with “wrenboys” catching a wren on St Stephen’s Day, tying it to a decorated pole, and marching from door to door in the village wearing costumes made of straw, asking for donations.

My piece was inspired by the St Stephen’s Day (or Wren Day) tradition, which I first learned about from a lovely little song called Wren in the Furze, which you can (and definitely should) listen to here.

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2 covers for Hot Key Books! Hot Key is a UK publisher that specializes in fiction for 9-19 year old readers (and uses a lot of illustrated covers to boot!) Fearsome Dreamer came out last year, and I recently finished up the cover for its sequel, The Illusionists, this year, both written by Laure Eve. Both take place in a dystopian future with a distinctive mix of technology, magic, reality/dreams, (and romance!) centered around the heroine, Rue.

Hot Key had a pretty defined idea of what they wanted for each cover—Rue in the center standing wrapped in a future flag in the ruins of a stone square, and Rue facing forward, pushing open heavy doors with “Life” glitching out behind her. I was happy to oblige, and really like the mint & pink color combo we decided on!
It’s been a lot of fun to work on, with many thanks due to my dynamic duo of art directors, Jan Bielecki & Jet Purdie!

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some keyscenes/color for my redesign of “the little Prince”

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Jan Durina

Jan Durina creates beautiful strange portraits and photographic.

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The Colossal Bundle: A massive amount of templates for $49.

For only a limited time of one week Inkydeals have a crazy promo: The Colossal Bundle. And by Colossal means exactly that: a huge, almost infinite amounts of resources worth $10,063 for only $49. What is the colossal stuff? You will get: 117 vectors sets, 425 illustrations, 40 t-shirt design, 18 textures and one font. A single photoset post isn’t enough to fit so much resources.

Many of this templates are typographic designs, ready to use it on any project and ready for being edit it to fit on your own need. Also you will find tons of icons, infographics, illustrations, textures. It will pass years and years and you will still use this bundle for future projects.

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PAVONI Couture Fall/Winter 2013

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The bed of four seasons-Autumn.


The bed of four seasons-Autumn.

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ ezra s/s 2014

The top middle and the only Black girl’s outfits would be so fire to rock.

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This piece is for an up-coming show at Gallery Nuclues -  IMAGINARY FRIENDS

April 19, 2014 - May 11, 2014

Opening Reception / Apr 19, 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Title: Nariobi Blue

Watercolor on Aquabords.  

Size 11”x14”

The painting is inspired by our weekend road trip to LA.

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